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Setting up a Website

Setting up a website this can be a fun and interesting process or it can turn into a nightmare. So here we will outline some points which you have to consider before setting up a website.

1.  What website are you trying to set up? This is very very very important you need to decide on a website type and a topic for your website. The information on your website has to match the topic of your website.

2. Name and domain name – Once you have the topic you will need to come up with a name for your website, which should be same or very similar as your domain name (internet name such as, etc).  Here is a great website which you can use for free to come up with a name and a domain name for your website .

3. Hosting – Hosting is an internet service which allows you to host your website on internet normally it’s a company which will allocate a space on their server for your website they will also provide with website and management tools such as email, some applications, database options etc. When choosing a hosting company make sure you get a range of applications and databases as most websites now requires databases. The company we recommend for hosting is ixwebhosting we have been hosting with them for over 3 years and we quite happy with the service and we host about 10 websites with them now. To read more about them you can visit their website here. Another great thing about ixwebhosting is that they provide you with free domain name and a huge range of applications such as forums, classifieds, content management systems, payment processors etc, which you can install with a click of a mouse and site will be ready within minutes.

4. Website optimization – this is very important as well as it will result in how popular your site will be this section has so much to cover so we put together a separate article on website optimization you can read it here.

5 Promoting your website this is another huge section of being successful on the internet and deserves its own section you can read the introduction here.

One last note on dating websites we do have free dating software available and we can provide you with the download link if needed.  Also if you need any help setting up your website we do offer that service as well at no charge or at a minimal cost depending on how much work involved. Please fell free to contact us.