How to Use Forums to Promote Your Website

When i started using Forums, i thought it was only a way for expression of opinions, comments and even to get free information. I was clicking through to websites i met in Forum Posts and then i realised at that moment that i am now generating traffic for someone by clicking to his site.

It's easy to get free traffic instantly to your site using Forums just like the example above. But how do you do it? Use the following tips to ensure you get steady traffic.

  • When joining Forums, introduce yourself first of all. This is a great way to announce your website as you join. You will likely welcomed by other Members. In your introduction post include your website address. Doing this will create visibility for you as members and guests reading your post will like to see what you've got by clicking through.
  • Complete your Forum Profile; If you want other members to take your Forum Participation seriously, you should consider completing your profile with relevant details. Due to email harvesters lurking around discussion boards, its recommended you hide your email address but fill in the specified category for your website link and site title.
  • Start posting in Relevant Threads and Categories. Forum Posts last forever. Therefore begin posting useful and helpful articles, reviews and comments with a link back to your website or a webpage providing additional information. Always create your posts in the right category or thread for your Niche Market.
  • Leave helpful and useful replies to Topics. Reply topics on your niche market and it should be an honest useful comment. Offer free information. You should leave a link back to your site if you are offering additional helpful information.
  • Put your webaddress in your Signature area in your Profile. It is recommended you enclose your Links using BBC codes with a descriptive text. You will appear professional and you will have a high click through rate. This is a great way to get free traffic because members and guests will go to your websites through your posts and replies.


With the Following Forum Traffic generation tips using Forums, begin participating actively and you will see an increase in traffic surges to your website.