Article Marketing

Here's How You Can Generate Cash From the Internet at Will with Article Marketing

Article marketing can be very effective and fast way of generating extra income. Another great thing about article marketing is that articles will stay on internet for a very long time generating you passive income streams for years to come.
Before I get into the actual article marketing I want to share some secrets with you, which are generally left out from most of the books.

1st Secret...Google Has Special Love For Some Sites
The gurus and the article writing books tell you to write articles so you can get backlinks to your own site...which boosts your PR (page rank = How important Google thinks a site is)...also they tell you that your article might get picked up by another site owner with high traffic or an ezine publisher.
Which is all true! But you are much more interested in making money now...and getting the other benefits as well.


Google is absolutely in love with,, & Searchwarp...which are all article directory sites.
Google also loves some classified ad sites: UsFreeAds is their favorite and has been for over 3 years.
Also EXTREMELY and A tiny bit more work, but well worth the effort. They are FREE...and anyone can get started here with NO cash!
If you post an ad, message or article on either of the above sites, in the way I am about to show you below, your ad, message or article will show up on the first page of Google in as little as two days to about two weeks.

2nd Secret...Getting On Google's First Page 90% of the Time the 1st secret is to post your article, ad or message on one of the above sites.
The 2nd secret is to target a phrase that has between 1000 to 5000 optimized results on Google.
What is an optimized result?
Ahh...I am going to give you the simple works like gangbusters for what we are doing. If you go to Google and type in any search phrase in quotes "" and look on the far right the number of results listed, in simple terms, is how many pages you are competing with:
Let's look at an example:
"dog training"


Okay over 8 Million, that's way too many! (The gurus don't tell you you are writing article after article...and getting backlinks maybe...but you are not making any money)
Let's look at another example:
"how to train your dog to stop barking"


Only 1350 results. I guarantee that if you wrote an article, ad or message on "how to train your dog to stop barking"...depending on where you post it are going to show up on the first page of Google within 2 days to 2 weeks...for is interesting to note that their are over a dozen paid ads for this term means if people are paying for ads...they are more than likely making money...even after their ad expense...but you will be there free!

3rd Secret...All the SEO You Need to Know in A Paragraph
There have been whole volumes written about SEO (search engine optimization = getting your pages on the search engines free).
But for our purposes of making quick cash with articles...Here is all you need:
The title of your article is most important...make sure your phrase is included in the article! This is fairly easy with our example above "how to train your dog to stop barking"...but what if your phrase is "natural heartburn remedies"...well...that would probably be ok as a title...but something more effective may be "7 Natural Heartburn Remedies That Really Work"...that is a much more clickable title when it shows up on Google, MSN or Yahoo. Don't you think?...Now the only other SEO you need is to write a relevant article! In other words don't make your title "how to buy a cheap car" and make your article about "leasing cars" just because that is what you are promoting!

Make sense? let's put this together and earn some money...

Ok! So now you know how you can get an article on Google in as little as 2 days! Let's cover some other things I am sure you may have questions on.

How You Can Make Money With This
If you have been doing internet marketing for any amount of time, I am sure your head is swimming with ideas.
If you are somewhat new to internet marketing; You may be thinking "So what? How does this help me make money?
What you are going to do is place affiliate links in your article. These are going to be links for companies you are an affiliate for.
Many companies including Wal-mart, Best Buy, Dish Network and many others pay you a commission just for sending them a visitor that purchases one of their products. What you want to do is visit the companies website and look for a link that says "affiliates", "affiliate program", "associates" or "partners"...there will normally be some good instructions on how to sign is ALWAYS FREE.
Many affiliates start with one of the most respected companies on the net called or PayDotCom, just click on the link that says sign will find thousands of digital products you can sell...and get THIS...the average commission is 50%...if I was to take a "Bum" off the street, this is where I would start him at...checks come like clockwork every two weeks! THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START!

Important Submission Considerations
We have talked primarily about 3 sites, there are a lot more, but for earning some decent and fast cash on the internet using articles these are the "Big 3" This site has great PR and is perfect for a new person to internet marketing that does not have a website because GoArticles allows you to link directly to the merchant website.
UsFreeAds: Great site for a newbie with no website! Also great for advanced marketers as Google adores UsFreeAds. Most ads when you follow the formula will show up in 2 weeks. One of the primary advantages of UsFreeAds is direct linking to merchant is allowed...and you can write an ad, instead of a whole article...a paragraph will show up in on the first page of Google easily...just remember to put your phrase as the title. IMPORTANT: UsFreeAds does not have the same PR as GoArticles or need to adjust your formula to 1000 (one thousand) or less optimized results on Google.
EzineArticles: The most powerful of them all with a PR 6 or PR 7! EzineArticles will get you listed on the first page with up to 10,000 (ten thousand) competing results. The drawbacks are you need to write a decent article as they are reviewed by a real person...Affiliate links are NOT allowed so you will need to point them at a website you own...with content OR a page that redirects to your affiliate site. OR you can set up a free blog at or You can not do blatant selling in the body of your article, but only in the "Bio Box" (I'll talk about that in a second) balance out the negatives...more ezine publishers and website owners go to EzineArticles for good content than any other site. What does that mean for you? It means that you may wake up one morning with 10, 20 or more sales because your article was used in a large site or online is very sweet when that happens! I have made a couple thousand dollars within a span of a week being picked up in large publications...this would be considered a home run...but most of my money is made batting singles and doubles.
(Did I mention that you can post to all of those sites FREE! The only small exception would be UsFreeAds which allows free ad submission, but I do recommend going for the premium membership which is a measly $9 a month and you get to place unlimited ads...complete with photos...and all the HTML tools.)

Article Writing Basics
I am going to give you a simple recipe for writing your is really quite simple...
In the intro: Tell them what you are going to tell them in the article.
In the body: Tell them!
In the summary: Tell them what you told them!
BIO Box: Very Important...give them a sentence of two about you...and then lead into your promotion...this is most commonly done like this:
"Did you find those tips on XXXX useful? You can learn a lot more about how XXXX can help you XXXX here."
Also if the site you are promoting is giving away a free course...or free tour...make sure you mention that in your BIO.

Tips to Make Writing Your Articles a Breeze
You do not have to do big long essays style articles! I think this is one of the big reasons people do not write more articles.
You can write a super article in 200 to 500 words...and use one of the following really simple formats:
Tips - People LOVE tips...7 tips to...3 easy tips...and so on...these are dirt simple to write.
FAQ's - One of my favorites! FAQ's (frequently asked questions) are so easy to write! Find out the top 3 to 5 questions people have on a particular topic...and answer them! People love these type of articles...and minimum research is required even for more complicated topics!
Review Articles - Have you bought a book, movie, software or other item that you really liked? Write a little review on that product...people love good honest reviews...I know a couple people making some really good money reviewing movies...these articles get TONS of traffic...and there are lots of affiliate programs where you can make a nice movie rentals...dvd sales...etc...It just does not get any more fun than that folks!

Putting It All Together - Let's Make Some Money!
First you need to find phrases you can dominate quickly (the 1000 to 5000 optimized results rule)
So let's go to a free tool you can use right away:
Overture Inventory Tool or Free Wordtracker Tool what I like to do is think of things that I know are right now...and you want to start out with a broad term...and see what people are interested in...
So I know the term PSP is hot right now...and I know music is always lets try that and see what we get...
So we type in PSP MUSIC into the tool and here's a partial of what we get:

Now here's a little secret...the more words the phrase a general rule the less optimized results that phrase will have...and people typing that phrase in the search engine are more likely to buy...
So...I am not even going to try just "psp music"...but lets look at "how to download music to psp"'s what it shows on Google:

Results 1 - 10 of about 9,310 for "how to download music to psp". (0.14 seconds

So that might be a little too much competition...but it might be worth a try since it gets so many searches...
But let's try one where we can get a 90% success rate...let's try "how to download music on the psp":

 Results 1 - 10 of about 256 for "how to download music on the psp". (0.12 seconds) 

ONLY 256! That is some easy pickins my friend...

It really is simple...and you can do this to get immediate build your opt-in list...or even to drive traffic to your Adsense Pages.
You just need to do it and get to work!

Where can I find products to promote?
There are tons of places...but I highly recommend starting at or PayDotCom.

How much money can I make?
This is really up to will make nothing if you don't get to work...You can make over $2000 a month just from Article Marketing...and spend very minimal time
Remember...sometimes you will strike out...sometimes you will hit singles and doubles with articles that give you $100 or $200 a month...and then you will hit some home runs where an ezine publisher likes your article so much that they send it out to their list...and you will wake up one morning with hundreds of dollars of sales on one program because myour article was picked up...
Here is a little rule of thumb I use to motivate myself...on average every article or ad you write brings in $20 a this is not set in stone...but has worked out well so write 10 articles and you have an extra $200 a month for months and months (If you follow the guide lines I have given )...when you start to get good at writing ads and articles...writing 10 a day is not impossible!
Is there a faster way to find low competition phrases to target?
Yes...after you start making some money I would highly recommend that you get Adwords is $77 and will pay for itself with a couple articles...

How much should I take the amount of searches a phrase gets into consideration?
I won't say that I don't look at this at all...but to me it is secondary to having hundreds of articles listed in the search engines...that is what you really want...because phrases that get tons and tons of searches will eventually get it is better to have 10 articles on phrases that only get 1000 searches a month...than to have one article that gets 10,000 searches a month because if your one article gets will have lost that income...but your 10 articles will probably stay up for months or even years!

I am not a very good writer...what would you recommend?
I would recommend starting with can start for free...but for $9 a month you can have unlimited ads and they rank very quickly and well...
With UsFreeAds you can write a small ad!...instead of doing a full blown article.
I also would suggest that writing doesn't have to be difficult...just write like you talk...give good valuable info and you will do ok...(remember you are not going to fail because you run out of money since with Article Marketing you are not paying for every click.) Also there are a number of tools available which help you with article writing One tool that comes highly recomended is Instant Article Wizard.

I do not have a website...can I still use
You can set up a FREE Blog at or

My first ad/article is sooo bad...I am embarassed to put my name on it!
So don't! Use a pen name or a stage name.

Will Article Marketing stop working?
In a word...NO! The players may other words Google may drop I guarantee there will always be sites Google is in love with where you can use Article Marketing. Just look at the pages that show up when you are searching low competition phrases...there are hundreds of sites that I have not even mentioned here...I am only mentioning the big three as these are the ones that have been working for years.

What about MSN and Yahoo?
I primarily focus on Google because it brings in plenty of loot. But MSN likes likes and I have had good look with Yahoo putting up pages on their free websites at Geocities. All three seem to like and WordPress is VERY powerful...I have seen new blogs dominate phrases with over 50,000 competition.

My ad/article shows up at position #10...Can I get it higher?
Yes...there are really only a couple major factors involved...on page optimization (which I already told you how to do) and inbound links...quite simply ranking is a popularity contest...the more websites that link to you and the importance of the website linking to you increases your popularity...'s what to do in layman's terms... Let's say that you put up an ad on UsFreeAds that is ranked #10...and you want to bump it up a notch or two...what you do is write an article and post it to in that article link to your UsFreeAds...quite simple...if you do not move up...then you may need to do this a few more times... can put your UsFreeAds ad in your sig file and post on forums (Don't spam)...
But I highly recommend the first can kill two birds with one get another article and increase your popularity score for another of your articles...
As a side note: I would only really bother with this under two situations: 1) You are making money on the #10 moving it up could make you more money 2) You are on the second page of Google and you strongly feel that this ad/article would make money on the first page.

Final Words
I am NOT going to be brief here...GET STARTED! Article Marketing works great...the sky is your only limit...
Make a challenge to yourself...say you want an extra $200 a and make yourself write 10 articles or ads...maybe you won't hit that $200 your first month...maybe $100 or $150...but...once you do that and get your first check in the will be hooked!
If you have an extra hour a day...commit to writing  one article or ad a day...after 1 month you will have 30 articles...after 2 months you will have 60 articles...after 3 months 90 articles...
So lets say after 3've got 90 articles...some were strike outs...some were singles and you hit a few doubles...but on average you are getting $20 a month PER ARTICLE X 90 = $1800 a month!
That is for just ONE ARTICLE PER DAY...JUST can seriously do this...IF...YOU WILL JUST DO IT...
Now let me tell you what is going to happen at first: You are going to start writing your first ad or article...and you are going to say to yourself "This is a crappy article"...DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT...I have written my share of crappy ads and articles...just finish it...and write the next one...and the next one...and the next the process of researching and reading other peoples articles and writing your own...your articles WILL IMPROVE...keep your eye on the goal...whether it is $200 a month...$1800 a month...or $18,000 a month...
 "Article Marketing" will work for you...if you get started...and keep putting up ads and articles.