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 6/18/2016 8:58 PM

With FIFA 17 approaching day by day, players become so excited. Besides the happiness, we should do our best to collect news, tips and guides to face FIFA 17. So we can play it well when it comes. On the other hand, if you have lots of money and you can use it for FIFA 17, our site is your best choice to buy fifa 17 points. Now I will share some news I have. Here we go.

Set-pieces are being re-written

A new freekick mechanic lets you move the player around in front of the ball, providing a range of new possibilities including the ability to strike it with the outside of the foot. The camera also stays behind the player so that you can properly judge the trajectory of the strike. Penalties too have been overhauled, with a new kicking mechanic and the ability to vary the run up; you can approach at a slow pace like Neymar, or even curve your run to mislead the keeper.

Elsewhere, corner kicks have been "completely rewritten" according to McHardy. The taker now gets an aiming reticule that provides greater accuracy, and you can also switch control to the receiving player to put them in a better position. "We're seeing more scrambles in the box now," said McHardy. "We're seeing goals like the one Ramos scored in the Champions League final, with the ball played in from a distance, a little flick on, then someone gets a toe to it right in front of the keeper."

Finally, throw-ins now allow your player to run a short distance up and down the touchline, and to perform a fake throw to mislead opponents.

Physical play has been overhauled

The players now feature a new "pushback" technology, which governs their sense of balance during skirmishes with opponents. Instead of using two-player canned animations for these tussles, the system apparently utilises real-time physical interactions, meaning that every contact is unique and has realistic outcomes for the character models involved. For example, the player on the ball is able to push back on an opponent, gaining extra balance in the process and fending off their tackle.

Okay, this sounds similar to the old player impact engine but McHardy says it offers a new level above the basic collision detection, making physicality much more a part of the control system. Now physical controls are all on the left trigger replacing the discreet shielding and jostling mechanics from previous titles. Also, there's a new shielded dribbling system, which gives you 360-degrees of movement while shielding the ball. Shoulder-to-shoulder tackles, step ins and seal outs are all on that trigger too, and they're contextual, so whether you have the ball or are trying to get it, the system knows and responds correctly.

That useful left trigger also allows players to control and bring down contested long distance balls rather than automatically heading. "Up until now, if the ball was in the air, as long as one player pressed header, both had to go in and head it, you weren't able to bring the ball down to your feet. It brings a whole new element to our in-air play. If you have a big string player upfront, you can take advantage of that and try to bring the ball down to start the attack from there."

It's now also possible to collide with goalkeepers – and if you do it hard enough they'll sometimes drop the ball, although this will likely result in a freekick rather than a sneaky scoring opportunity.

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